Our latest addition to the Bella collection is the fabulous Transfix print. Staying true to our brand values - ''performance'' and ''quality'', we decided to print on our top of the range 'Veloce Intenso' - a Polyamide / lycra blend out of Italy that we use in our high performance collection of tights.

Yes this is exclusive to Bella! 

We chose this for the many reasons. Here are a few- 

Unlike most printed tights in the market we are not printing on polyester. Polyester in most instances lacks key performance features and is unpleasant to wear when working up a sweat. Once you try the Bella microfibre and experience the snug fit, lush feel and ultimate workout features it is hard to wear anything else.     




If you are an instructor or trainer this is a perfect choice for you. I recently wore the tights into one of the largest active wear stores in the world and l was gob-smacked when the sales girl stopped me to ask me "where did l got the tights from". We chatted for around 10 mins about fabrics / designs etc. I finally told her where l worked and why l decided to print on an Italian microfibre. The answer was simple- 'we don't compromise with fabric as our garments must perform- staying true to our core values. The print design needed to be special so we engaged a fabulous designer who understood our brand. In a nutshell we don't want to look like everyone else'. The sales assistant loved the bella tights - fabric and print. The company she worked for printed predominantly on polyester- a fabric she did not enjoy teaching barre in, her other job. The transfix print and fabric received the big ''thumbs up'' and as the brand owner l felt pretty good. If you appreciate performance fabrics you will love this collection.


Our chosen fabric 'Veloce Intenso ' printed on- offers the following

- Lightweight- approx 250gsm printed- a perfect weight - ie l am not see-through.

- Moisture wicking- perfect for your summer yoga workout.

- Moulds the body like a second skin (26% lycra)  yet allows freedom of movement 

- Offers the right muscular compression during exercise, slashing lactic acid formation. 

- Pill resistant.

- High protection from UV rays- perfect for outdoors

-Considerably resistant against chlorine- so you can swim in it.

Like all other garments in the Bella range the Transfix print washes and wears brilliantly maintaining the initial look.

The process to achieve this costs more -fabric choice and print method. This is why our VELOCE printed collection is more expensive than printing on polyester. 

I am absolutely sure you will love these tights. We exchange sizes at our cost and provide 100% refund on returns. I am confident that you will love this range- the Velocity crop top or range of leggings.

The TRANSFIX print was briefed by me and digitally designed by my favourite digital designer- Jess who happens to be my beautiful nieces best friend- l love her work. Thanks Jess.


February 2016

Chantel ThorntonDr Chantel Thornton is a specialist breast cancer surgeon at the Epworth Hospital in Richmond, Melbourne, the Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre, St Vincent's Hospital BreastScreen the largest breast screen service in Victoria and Hobson's Bay Specialist Centre Chantel is a Fellow of the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons. She undertook surgical training at the Alfred Hospital and did a Fellowship in Breast Cancer Surgery at the Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre.

Why I decided to chat to one of our leading breast cancer surgeons - Dr Chantel Thornton?

From 1995 -2015 the Bella crop top has been about support, comfort and longevity. Over the last 20 years I have been privy to see how the bust size has increased yet many crop tops available don't offer the support necessary to protect our bust and fabrics deteriorate quickly. After chatting to Chantel I can see why many of our customers love wearing the bella crop top, not only does it look great but it is "fit for its purpose"- SUPPORT.


What changes have you seen to bust size?

Since the 1950's the average cup size has increased from a B to a C cup, among all age groups and this is not limited to overweight women.

What possible short term issues will girls have?

Large breasts (or macromastia - disproportionally larger breasts) - can contribute to acute back, neck, shoulder, breast pain and headaches. Poorly fitting bras in larger breasted women can cause pressure sores (groves) on the skin over shoulders.

Are there any more serious conditions that can occur if the breast tissue is not supported during medium- high impact activity?

Unsupported / poorly supported breasts will move several centimeters during exercise placing pressure on the suspensory ligaments of the breasts, this can be associated with pain during and after exercise - breast / neck / back and shoulder pain.

What long term issues may they have if the breast tissue is not supported?

Long term issues are both physical and psychological.


Thoracic kyphosis - (abnormal curvature of the back) and inflammation /skin changes to the inframammary fold - fungal infections.


Psychological issue - depression, loss of self esteem , lack of self confidence.


"Updating your Bella crop top is about updating your support. You will appreciate our simple design, perfect choice of fabric and incredible feeling of wearing a crop that truly supports you."

December 2015

If you are familiar with Bella Bustiere then you are most likely the owner of the original bella crop top that was first designed in 1993. If not and you are looking for functionality, fabulous support and a garment that lasts forever then it is time to indulge. The message behind this crop is to focus on superior support, ultimate functionality and of course, longevity.

Strategically designed to wear under a tank or tee or on its own with a pair of Bella workout shorts or tights the Bella crop is perfect for any high impact activity where we are trying to minimize movement and maximize support- with the long term goal of protecting our busts. The original Bella crop top is made in a unique fabric composition- (300gsm SUPPLEX®/LYCRA®) and well-designed modest design will return to its original shape wash after wash. We continue to offer 2 key styles- ‘racer back’ and ‘scoop back’. In general terms the scoop back will suit a larger busted shape-cut wider at the front and designed so you can also wear a sports bra with it.

In recent years we have also offered the Bella crop in our Italian range of fabrics.-Veloce. If you are looking for maximum support but prefer a finer fabric then look at VELOCE INTENSO- a firm fabric with 26% lycra but only weighing 200gsm. This fabric is like a second skin and hugs the female shape whilst offering outstanding support.

As our opening offer we have 10% off the ‘’Original Bella crop top” and 10% off “Veloce Intenso crops’’. If you are spending $150+ we will send to you at our cost. So if you are looking to update your Bella crop top this is the perfect opportunity.
July 2014
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