Quality Versus Quantity - Fashion Industry


We hear a lot about the apparel industry and the affects it is having on the environment today. I took time out to read several articles over the past week and was gobsmacked at the numbers and the impact of fast fashion.

Before l present some key facts l just want to say that quality garments that you choose to hold onto will protect the environment. At Bella for 25 yrs now we have been making quality. I have been privy to see fast fashion grow and sad to watch quality disappearing. 
We can change this by changing our buying habits, supporting quality and letting others know about brands that truly believe in quality.
Here are a few facts to digest.
- One is five Australian's wear a garment once only, scary! How many times have you worn you Bella crop or tights? The best thing about pulling out an old outfit that is still in tact- is that if feels fabulous on!
-For most people they are most likely turf a garment as it no longer fits or it is damaged.
-Millennials toss them because they are unfashionable or just sick of them.
-4 in 10 Australians would throw a garment out rather than repair or recycle.
- the increase in the water pollution, use of toxic chemicals in dying and waste are truly problematic and on the increase- a direct result from fast fashion.
-Since 2000 global fashion production has more than doubled and the average person buys 60% more items per yr and keep them for 1/2 as long.
- at the current rate of growth in manufacturing and purchasing it is estimate that fashion consumption will go from 62 million tonnes in 2015 to 102 Million tonnes by 2030. This would mean 50% more waste than we already have.
MY LATEST STYLES- made to last!
The NEW Stealth and Excellerate Veloce tights are my favorites. Perfection and longevity at the forefront.We have added into the design an Italian compression mesh which gives this style a firm feel-without being overbearingly tight. This design has been tweaked from last season and is higher in the rise and has 2 fabulous patch pkts that are perfect for pretty much anything.
We have also MADE these tights in AUSTRALIA!
Today most of our fabrics are Italian. I have found the performance of these fabrics to be superior to many of the copies. We work mainly with Nylon and Polyamide ( nylon) yarns versus Polyester- in a nutshell it is a superior yarn in so many ways. Technically superior and the features last. The feeling is so much nicer on the body and there is no terrible lingering smell.
It is my intention to stay true to the core values and essence of the brand- to continue to make quality active-wear where the technical elements are superior fabrics and fit are inherent to the brand. We look after the environment if we buy less. 
For me to do this we need your support so please keep on buying and sharing our story. 
The more we share our story,  the more interesting amazing fabrics we can add to our collection. 
Bella Bustiere