25 Yrs ago this week l decided to start my own business- making  the Bella Bustiere ''crop top'' . l left my job at Daimaru as the  Sportswear Buyer and started my journey. I had no background in pattern making, design or business. I had courage and resilience- traits encouraged by my father-playing an integral role in my - ''just do it'' attitude. Ironically it is Fathers day today and 25 yrs since l remember him saying these words.                                                                                                                              Today l will close Bella as my experience of GROUND HOG day has been relentless and frustrating for many years. Manufacturing small runs in quality product with limited resources brings on the hormones of stress!

The 'hormones of stress' are debilitating and have certainly knocked me out of balance. The result of this is damaging to the  human soul and the body. Over years the in-balance becomes the new balance until you are knocked right out of balance. I have therefore decided that l will look after me- as l have lived in fear of something else going wrong for too long. 

I personally thank everyone that has continued to support Bella over the past few yrs. It is a sad day but also a happy day as l look forward to the next chapter. 

Let the hormones of stress leave and a new beginning emerge! 

Thank-you again 

Katie Danaher

 ( one of my favorite 'outfits' and 'models'- The Blackberry corn long tight in the infamous poly / cotton lycra and Allison- a gem to work with)

September 2018
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