25 Yrs ago this week l decided to start my own business- making  the Bella Bustiere ''crop top'' . l left my job at Daimaru as the  Sportswear Buyer and started my journey. I had no background in pattern making, design or business. I had courage and resilience- traits encouraged by my father-playing an integral role in my - ''just do it'' attitude. Ironically it is Fathers day today and 25 yrs since l remember him saying these words.                                                                                                                              Today l will close Bella as my experience of GROUND HOG day has been relentless and frustrating for many years. Manufacturing small runs in quality product with limited resources brings with it a great deal of grief.

I personally thank everyone that has continued to support Bella over the past few yrs. It is a sad day but also a happy day as l look forward to the next chapter. 

Thank-you again 

Katie Danaher

 ( one of my favorite 'outfits' and 'models'- The Blackberry corn long tight in the infamous poly / cotton lycra and Allison- a gem to work with)

September 2018
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